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The Thorn Is My Blessing

I'll be the first to admit it. There's a thorn in my side. But let's all admit, you have one too. Your thorn to your side that always feels like you can never get rid of might be different, but if you are a believer, it plagues us all the same. The thorn that I'm ever so referencing is that of people. Not just your random people, but the people that are on your jobs, your neighbors, and even those in your family or friend circle.

These are the people that get under your skin at every chance— just like that thorn you seem to never get rid of. Go figure huh? If you're anything like me, and not to praise or put myself above anyone, you are compassionate of those around you. You want to see people do well. You want to see others prosper.

How we feel about ourselves, we want it to be reflected to those we know and care about.

The question is: What do you do when people get on your nerves? What then do you do?

If I'm honest I struggle in this department. I want and do set my boundaries. It’s like one day I like people and then the next day I want to drop people just like that. I know, it sounds horrible right?

Over the years I have asked God why he gave me a heart for people, but also why is my tolerance at an all-time low for them now, and for how (we all) including them act. Yes, you notice now the " we all" is in parenthesis, when you thought I would say "just them.” That's because I am one of “those people.” Maybe a bother to others just like how I feel they are a bother to me. I have heard the phrase and verse " thorn in my flesh " a lot of times and thought gosh, if it was so bothersome why not just pick it out? Why would anyone let it fester there to cause attention and to constantly think about it? That’s when the revelation hit when reading.

If you read the full context of 2nd Corinthians 11:16-33 you would understand all of what

that means. Taking all that Paul was talking about in 2 Corinthians 12: 6-10, I too, don't want to appear more than anyone else, or " morally " right. In order to not have a mind that says I am above other people and their problems; Jesus humbles me daily. He reminds me that people are going to be people, and sometimes, I am one of those people that gets under others’ skin. Instead

of relishing, saying that I have all of the power, it’s in my weakness how I may see others, that God still has grace and mercy for my soul.

You and I are sometimes not the best to others, even in our worst days, but that thorn in our flesh reminds us that we need Jesus. If you don't get anything from this blog, remember to look within yourself and see the thorn that plagues you. Is it to remind you of God’s faithfulness and why you

need him? Is your thorn there to help you realize that you have something to pray for and to stay

focused on? Just know it's a reminder to boast not in your own authority to be conceited but to revel and acknowledge Christs power to rest in our weakness to make us better and to remind ourselves to rely on him instead.

So next time, think of that thorn and ask God what you are trying to teach me with this persistent

matter that gets the attention every time and help guide me to lean into you.

Let me know how do you handle thorns in your flesh?

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