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When God puts the spotlight on you, it’s hard for you to hide. No matter how long you’ve been hiding or even if you’re really good at it, like me.

I’m an introvert by nature, so my reaction is to hide when I sense or feel like I have any attention on myself. I’ll admit, I’ve been self-conscious of my thoughts and my opinions, to the point where at one point I wouldn’t even voice them. I would allow life to muzzle me in a way.

This was until the spotlight was on me.

You see, I was doing what you say, “ministry work”, helping others, imparting wisdom to others and something clicked within myself to just come out of hiding.

Now listen to me well. Coming out of hiding wasn’t an overnight thing and sometimes it’s still hard.

Often, I want to go back inside the nice warm cave of comfortability and live there.

I want to just be the sweet, nice, kind person who didn’t peep a word, but sometimes God wants you to do more.

Sometimes God wants to pull somethings out of you. Sometimes he wants to get you out the comfort zones that you placed yourself in.

Now that’s a word right there and the key, We place ourselves in comfort zones, God doesn’t.

He wants what’s best for you, and because we don’t want to follow what he says out of fear or doubt, we stay in our caves. We place ourselves in a cave and wonder why there is no growth, and lack of opportunities.

Then we blame God when we see nothing moving in our favor and question God, when he’s always been there waiting for us to just walk on the water like Peter and trust him.

By the way, the “Walking on Water” bible reference can be used in so many other aspects of life.

In my life personally, I’ve had so many of these moments. So many moments of living life in a comfort zone, and not living up to my full potential.

Notice how I said FULL potential, but not necessarily missing the point of saying POTENTIAL.

See I was reaching potential, but just in the comforts of the extend to where I wanted it to go. I was living within bounds.

I love to write and have been writing ever since I was in 4th grade, picked it back up again in middle school and then took a stroll with it again in high school, and then college happened. I stopped.

I graduated college in 2016 and picked writing back up THREE YEARS LATER. (Evidence of what you’re reading NOW)

I used to write poetry, short stories, jot down notes of how I was feeling and quotes, but never expressed it to anyone. The only person that knew I had any incline to write was my mom.

I wanted to stay in my comfort zone so much that I didn’t share my passion of writing with anyone.

I didn’t see it then, but it makes so much sense now. God was nurturing the passion of writing within me, so that ultimately this moment would eventually happen.

Eventually I would have a blog to encourage others, but it had to start somewhere.

He had to let me go through different paths to get to this moment.

When God is in the midst of your story, which we all have, you can run for so long, but you can never hide.

When he spotlights you, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can stay in a comfort zone because soon you’ll get too uncomfortable there. You’ll feel a tug to go deeper, to know more, to change something in your life.

Maybe you’re able to sense the need to come out of hibernation, but for me it wasn’t so easy. I fought this hard. I fought it hard only because I didn’t believe in me. I didn’t have the confidence. But guess what? Life happened.

Life pushed me against a wall, and I had no other choice. This life that I was living I soon realized it was not my own, and I stopped running.

I surrendered and I’m still surrendering now. I’m still learning to trust God when I step into a “spotlight” and leave my cave behind. I’m choosing to trust him in whatever it is, even if I don’t know how that looks and feels.

It’s scary no lie, but I’m glad I’m not bound to hibernation no longer, and I’m not bound to a cave.

I’m not fearful.

See, I couldn’t stay in my cave for too long. This winter hibernation claimed me for most of my life, but just like when in spring flowers bloom, I was starting to bloom too.

You can come out of your own hibernation and walk into a spotlight made for you as well.

No, your path doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. Your journey from hibernation to spring, from living in the background, to full into the spotlight, is your chance to live freely. Live with a purpose and know what you need to do going forward. I encourage you to take one step, even if it’s a small one it’s still movement. It’s not in what we do it’s in how we do it, or even attempt to at all.

Take the step out into the spotlight and come out of hibernation, because it’s finally time for you to be seen, and we’ve been waiting on you.


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