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Do yourself a Favor and Forgive Book Review

Hey ya’ll, your resident book girl here!

I don’t know what you all have been up to since quarantining or is that over yet!? (Just kidding).  If you’re like me a resident book worm lover, then cuddling with a good book is right in your direction. This pandemic has taught me so much, especially things myself that may have been tucked to the back of my mind. This pandemic has forced me to become even more introspective than I normally am, which is my introverted side coming out. 

During the quarantine, and especially this year, I’ve seen how my actions have been a result of either not forgiving myself, or even forgiving others. Isolation has brought out the best and worst side of everyone, and really exposed us to how others feel and think. I’ve learned that forgiveness is a process, and not to say that it something you get over, but it’s a life process that evolves with you evolving. Life hands you different things over the years, and its up to you to figure out how you will handle it.

 I’ve read over the couple of months, a great book by renowned teacher and Christian leader Joyce Meyer called Do Yourself a Favor and Forgive.

When I tell you this book kicked my butt, it sure did, and in the best way possible! It opened me up to how I see not only myself, but how I see others, and vice versa. It made me think, gave me practical examples, and helped me get to the root of my unforgiveness towards those that may have hurt me, and myself. 

Through Joyce’s calm demeanor when writing and real talk candidness, she was able to break down concepts of the book, and give me a bigger meaning of it, expanding into my own personal life.  Through her writing I learned that it really doesn’t benefit anyone to stay mad so long, it harbors and steals energy that can be used more productively, and that truly giving up the energy to be mad takes away my peace which is the ultimate POWER.

When I tell you Joyce got all in my business, I was saying “ouch” all through the book. She was sharing hard truth that needed to be heard honestly. Forgiving and letting go of the past is no easy feat, especially if it something that is traumatic or hurtful that can change the course of our lives. I’ve learned through reading this book, that life has a way of presenting perspectives in front of you, and it’s all about the choices you make and the paths you go down that can alter that route. 

Listen to me, if you want a book that gives real insight with examples, scripture that can point you to what God says, and heartfelt truth, look no further than Do Yourself a Favor and Forgive by Joyce Meyer.  Take it from me we are all learning here. Take the first step, invest in yourself, and read this book for a step-in healing from unforgiveness. 

What are some resources or what tips have helped you with forgiving others?

 What are some other book suggestions that you have for me, or want me to read and review? If you have any, contact me! 

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Will Book Review

Hey ya’ll, it’s been such a long time of not speaking. I’m so glad to be back and not only be back with
blogging, but with showing and taking a deep dive into some reviews of books that I’ve been reading.
Here’s the latest in book reviews that I will be sharing with you ball. I hope you like it.

We’ll dive into the first one of my thoughts of Will Smith’s book “Will.”

The hype, the man, the LEGEND himself.

Willard Carroll Smith II has made a splash this year, and if you know anything about him by either
watching or reading, is that he never does anything small. In fact, it’s always “Big Willie Style” as he says.
If you don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s The Fresh Prince indeed.

His book that was penned by himself with help from Mark Manson took me on a journey through the
neighborhood of Philly and gave me a surprising look at his upbringing and what catapulted him to being
the person we know of today.

First, it took me while to even get through the book, not because of the book inf act but because of
having a busy life, but your girl got through it, and I’m so happy that I did. I was so happy to know more
about Will Smith and I so happened to be finishing up the book around the time he became a headline
sensation for the assault against comedian Chris Rock. It literally couldn’t come in such a better time to
be reading, to find out more about this interesting person, and it sparked my curiosity.

If you are a fan of celebrity autobiographies, this is the one. With its philly – style lingo and a few
pictures added, it gives you the full experience of listening to Will Smith kind of narrate his life to you,
sitting in a comfortable environment. My only regret was not getting the audio book, because I have
heard that it was 10x extra in his own voice. If you are a fan of learning about one’s personal story of
pitfalls, successes, introspective deep dives, and small inspirational nuggets then this book is for you.

Of course, you have the humor, the cadence, the hip references, in a style that only The Fresh Prince can
give, but you have the full story of why the man is the way he is and why he keeps evolving. His book
Will was packed with pages that took me into present day and back in the past. It gave me insight to
evaluate my own life, and relationships, to understand the true measure of what unconditional love
even means, and to see what really drives us to make the choices in life that we do. Through Wills book,
I really gained introspective of the things I want to accomplish and even things I want to improve on.

I’ll leave you with this little nugget that echoed throughout the book, you can’t supply happiness to
someone else. Don’t just take it from me, read the book for yourself, I have it linked here from Amazon.
Tell me your thoughts, have you read this book? What are some other book suggestions that you have
for me, or want me to read and review?

Until Next time, Stay blessed

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