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Finding Faith Within Paperback – July 22, 2021

Aniysa Raiford is a blogger and an encourager who resides in Columbia, SC. Aniysa enjoys reading and helping others, including her passion for working with individuals with special needs. Aniysa’s other passions include helping others grow beyond their circumstances, by using her life as a catalyst for change and inspiration. Aniysa’s hope is that by sharing her testimony and her life, that it encourages others to be able to become confident and find reassurance in God. She hopes that by sharing the times in her life where faith is lacking, that it can help someone else know that there’s doesn’t have to. Aniysa strives to let others know that their past does not define their future, nor does it negate the promises of their lives to move forward.

You may be in the crossroads between having little faith and then having no faith at all. To be honest, we’ve all been there. I’m no different. Life teaches you a lot of things, and that's to just keep living. It seems easier said than done, but by my own testimony, I've been living a life that’s not my own. What if I told you that the sum of your life, that you’re living, the good, the bad, and the ugly is all surrounded around your faith. Your faith is what is sustaining you even at this moment. Even when you’re not feeling good enough. It's your faith within that’s keeping you. This book is set up as a reminder to you, to know that you can still make it, by just believing and knowing of the faith that’s within you. I’m able to share my testimony of how faith has literally guided my entire life. It’s the faith that I barely grabbed on, that has guided me, sustained me, and I want to share those moments with you.

This book is hope, to help you live a life that is dedicated to trusting God! Look at my life and the things that I’ve been through and know that you can make it too! No more excuses as to why you have little faith. Exercise that faith and put it into action! It’s my job to encourage and motivate you through my life experiences, that you will get up and live your life knowing that you have FAITH WITHIN.

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