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Welcome to my blog! Super excited to have you over to read and be apart of what’s happening! I’m Aniysa! Born a New Yorker, but the South has my heart.  I enjoy reading, encouraging others, binging YouTube (guilty pleasure), and offering help to those that need it!

I write about a faith related topics for navigating life with God as well as helpful tips and issues that I have as well. I also provide content on handling life as a 20 year old something living your best authentic life in the modern world, with how-to advice and stories from my own experiences. (Oh yeah, it’s getting personal).

Here on the blog, I will also write about the challenges of dealing with relationships too, (loved ones, friends, romantic). You’re in for a treat so stick around!  Oh before you start reading those blog posts already, (Yep, I see your wandering eyes) scroll to the bottom and click a topic that interests you!


When you click any of those topics you’ll get notified of blog posts that YOU want to read! Isn’t that super cool! No more reading posts that you don’t want to see and YES for content you do! Might I add, this way is sooo much easier, straight to your inbox too! (Inserts Happy Dance). When you subscribe, who knows you might receive a special something, something (You didn’t hear it from me, so shhh).


Thanks for reading! 

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