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Godly Wisdom VS. Your Opinion

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life where you questioned the decisions in your life, or felt that you may need to reevaluate how you approach life?

Well if you’re like most people, we all struggle with doing the “right thing”, and I’m no different. I struggle with leading based on my opinion or what I feel is right vs. discerning and using godly wisdom.

It’s so easy to lean on your opinions because we all want to be right, I’m guilty of that for sure! To be more like God, we have to lean on godly wisdom and godly principles.

You know the scripture that says to lean not on your own understanding. I believe God was definitely pointing in my direction with that (guilty yet again). Okay here I am Lord! I’ve learned especially as I get older, to really lean not only to godly wisdom in the word by listening to God when he speaks to me, or looking towards the Bible for solutions, but also lean into who I’m asking for help.

Are you surrounded by those that can give you godly wisdom, or are the people you surround yourself with just giving you wisdom off the cuff? Do you engage with people who have your best interest at heart or do you seek wisdom from individuals that would love to see your train wreck? These are such important questions to ask because we need to really surround ourselves with people who can pour the godly wisdom and not give us so much of their opinion.

I want to leave you with some things to take away. I would encourage you to seek wisdom most importantly from God first, he is the true source that can give you guidance. Then look within yourself to measure what your opinions are and where it lines up or contrasts with the word that God has spoken to you. Then lastly seek out those important figures in your life that you really admire and glean from. These are people that have not steered you wrong, and who you are comfortable with and trust with whatever you are going through.

Making decisions especially in the world of adulting is always hard, but don’t make it even harder if it doesn’t have to. Friends, I hope this has encouraged you to step back and really evaluate your opinions vs. looking towards godly wisdom in the decisions you make.

Let me know, do you struggle with making decisions, do you have community or godly counsel? If not, what has stopped you from really asking God for help!?

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