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I remember I had this one job where it became dreadful to be there every day some years ago.

In the beginning I was so happy to be there, it was my first real GROWNUP job, and I was super grateful, but one day I woke up. I woke up and realized that I wanted something different out of life. I realized that I was worthy of having something different as well.

Being a person that hardly complains, and tries to stick things out, I try to remain grateful and try to be humble with opportunities given to me, but I’ve realized more and more that I’m deserving of more. Remember too, that you’re deserving of more as well.

Well, I knew I wanted to end my employment at this place, but it just wasn’t time yet. I prayed and asked God to give me the courage and the right timing to end it, but it just seemed like the days were getting longer for when it was my time to go! You can only imagine my frustrations!

I thought, God surely wouldn’t allow me to suffer in a place, he wouldn’t let his child that he loves just suffer out here. You see how self centered that sounds? Picture me, demanding God to change my situation not in his timing, but based on my timing.

It’s something that we do all the time, if we’re being honest. You’ve probably done it before as well with a situation in your life!

When I saw God not doing things up to my speed, I started to get frustrated and thought that he literally forgot about me. I would sulk when going to work and not have the energy. It would get short tempered with my family and just everyone. I was DONEEEE.

I thought to myself, wait a minute. I need to really decide how I’m going to ride out this storm. I knew that God was with me, and I knew that he heard me, but I just needed to change my expectations and my position while waiting. It’s all a mind perspective shift that had to take place. I couldn’t keep waking up being angry all of the time. I couldn’t keep going through life with disappointment and anger in my heart. I had to push through and still have positivity in my heart despite what I didn’t see.

I didn’t know it then, but I learned that God was molding me and my character. He was seeing how I would respond in times when I didn’t see the expected miracle of leaving my job right away. He wanted to see how I would handle the situation. Would I just complain and sulk, or will I still continuously praise him despite how I feel at this job ? I’m not sure where you are in your walk with God or how you feel in the present situation that you’re in, but are you going to let your emotions make your life feel like it’s unbearable or are you going to try to muster up enough positivity at every chance that you get?

I’m serving notice that this situation is only temporary. It’s so important to speak life and positivity into your life. Trust, it’s a hard process, I didn’t learn this overtime. Every morning I had to make the decision. I had to make the decision to wake up with a grateful heart for a job when others don’t even have one to go to.

I had to thank God for keeping me another day to go to my job, because people aren’t able to. I prayed going to my job, during difficult times at my job, I read scriptures and held positive thoughts within my mind at difficult times, and when I got home at night from that job, I poured it all out to God. I gave God every frustrating part about each day, and I told him how I was feeling. I didn’t try to mask my pain to God, in hopes of him not being upset with me, I exposed myself to him.

Do you know that in those times of us exposing our heart towards him, he refills us and gives us insight. He fills those spaces where we seem inadequate with only his love. Every single time I got back up for another day, and was restored to go out take it one day at a time. After a while, God did bless me in a different career field, and I’m grateful still for those trying times, because I didn’t know when the time of NOW would happen. It’s because of my seeking him during the difficult times, that he was able to build up my strength and endurance and push my character to develop new heights. ( Romans 5:4) I’m encouraging you today to find the strength to remain positive. Even when you have a million reasons to feel down and let your emotions overtake you, trust God. Speak that positivity in your lives and wait on him during difficult times ! I promise it may not feel good right now, but it’s necessary.

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