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Living In Your Own Awareness

What does it mean to really start over?

I feel as though every time a new year comes around, we always look towards external changes we can make and always miss the internal things we need to change.

We never live in the present anymore.

I am the first to admit and be guilty of doing that. I feel as though we are all just chasing the next goal and the next opportunity too fast for praise, rather than reflecting internally on what really needs to be done. We aren't in tune with how we feel, and we are just too quick pushing to the next. Listen, nothing is wrong with that. I am goal oriented and love to have practical steps and do things in order as much as the next girl, but I too have to ask myself am I taking inventory? Am I reflecting internally or am I even aware of what I'm doing?

For most of us, we never just connect for a second. We live in such a fast-paced world, that we take for granted how warm the sun feels on our faces. Now get this, I am in the south as I write this, and it's been cold, (but you get my point!)

I want to take time to not rush life, but live in the moment and become aware of who I am, and that sometimes challenges a lot of us in the new year coming in.

The New Year brings out the change in everyone. We have it on our timelines, on our televisions, and hear it when talking with friends and family. Many of us are not content with where we are in life based on last year's results. Yes, the external is all fine and dandy, but I want you to change that perspective to an internal one. Who are you without the change you make on the outside?

Are you still the same person with the same mentality going into another year, or have you renewed your mind and changed your way of thinking?

Being unaware of who you are is more dangerous than you think, it can lead you down a path of second-guessing and take you down the road of not knowing how to progress towards goals.

I am coming off of a 21-day fast. As I type this blog right now, I am a day fresh off of it. It brought me so much clarity. Yeah, the results of how I look externally are phenomenal, but internally I have gained so much peace and even better, direction of where I want to go. I don't know how I would be able to find peace if I didn't take that time to focus and internally gather myself and my thoughts. I'm still gaining clarity if I'm honest. This has only kickstarted my journey. Honestly, I feel as though If I pull away and continue to complete fasts throughout this year to just maintain that posture that alot of things would get done!

I encourage you too as well. If you want to remain focused mentally, or spiritually it's a great tool to help reset!

It helped clear my mind and help become more aware of things in my family, rather than focusing on the external of what others were doing. I was able to focus on what could I be doing to better help others or even improve on myself.

Listen if you don't get anything else from this post is the importance of staying still and focusing internally on yourself, what you can do to improve, especially going into this new year. I want you to be confident and know that it all starts with a changed mind first to expect changed results.

Let me know, what are some ways you are gaining clarity and growing in this New Year?

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