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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

This year has taken everyone for a loop, and I must say, even the most prepared were not prepared for this.

My balance in life has been off, and sometimes it’s a certain time of the year where the motivation is slacking. Anyone else get that feeling every so often?

Or is it just me?

These last couple of months have been tough. Not being able to be near loved ones as you would like, balancing home and family life, and navigating the new world with masks.

Man what a year 2020 has been.

Even though the year has been nothing like anyone has expected, some positivity and helpful things has peeked it’s way out. I’ve been able to establish routines that has been helpful for my life and I hope to move forward with them.

My prayer life has leveled up , and I’ve discovered some other goals and passions that I have!

I used to feel stuck because I would see others starting businesses, creating new things in the midst of this pandemic, and launching out towards their dreams. I relieved that pressure within myself by knowing and remembering what God has told me, and his lovely promises that he’s made to me!

Don’t grow in your lack of patience and feel like you’re stuck. Lean into his guidance and direction to know when to make your faith move.

I want you to remember 4 things in case you do feel stuck :

  1. Breathe because you’re still here and still healthy

  2. Cherish those around you

  3. Never give up on the dreams that are inside of you

  4. Don’t rush what God has not instructed you to do yet

You may feel stuck where we all are, but you’re never stuck in your mind. Remember that you have purpose, don’t play that comparison game with your self, and lean into what you’re good at!

I want you to know, whoever is reading this blog post, that it’s okay if you did not come out of the end of this year with new revelations, new projects, or new ideas. If all you were able to do during this season was take care of yourself and keep your family healthy, then kudos to you!


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