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Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Most people won’t admit that at one time or maybe a couple of times in their life, they have been broken. Whether it’s broken by circumstances in life, by people, or by your own doing.

No one is strong ALL THE TIME.

Don’t worry it’s okay to not be.

I’m a perfectionist, yes I can admit it. You can’t heal what you conceal.

Even though I’m trying to recover from being a perfectionist, I still have my moments of being broken.

I’ve come to not only try to hurry and fix the “broken parts” of me, but embrace and improve on it.

Everyone’s journey has a starting point and a destination. I may not be the expert, but here are some things that has helped me in how to love the broken parts of me:

1. Understand yourself through self reflection and just be honest about it. (Your struggles, hurts, and dislikes)

2. Practice self love from the start. You don’t go through life beating yourself up about things you can’t change, you lean and keep going.

3.Find those negative things that push you to not love yourself or make you seem “broken” and find the positive out of it, so change your narrative.

4. Make a plan of action. Think of what you want to change about yourself and work towards it. Nothing will change in your life until you take it by the reins and change yourself. Misery loves company for real.

5. Live like you’re free! If you feel like you’re broken and have nothing left to give, know that there are people depending on you. You’re worth more than what your thoughts are telling you.

Your “broken parts” aren’t a sum of who you are.

I hope that this encouraged you to keep going and to keep striving even if you have had broken parts in your life stifle you. You are made for more than this and to survive this.

You my friend aren’t broken, damaged, ruined, misplaced, a mistake. You’re intentionally here. If no one has ever told you, I’m proud of you for persevering for this long, so keep it up.

Tell me in the comments, how do you push past the feelings of not being enough?

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