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If most of us are honest, there are times when life can feel like it’s overwhelming. We are either overwhelmed with our job, our family relationships , or just stuck deciding what the next path in our lives should be.

I’ve been there, and it’s so hard to move forward because you feel like your whole world is just crowded, and you’re somehow making it above. Most times we think we are ahead, but we are just surviving.

“Most times we think we are ahead, but we are just surviving.”

I’ve learned personally in my life that I don’t want to just survive day after day and stick to routine, I want to live my life. Living your life involves taking control of your life , and if we are honest, most of our lives are not set to focus and we aren’t disciplined in the direction we want to go.

When I graduated from college, and really started ADULTING, I had to learnt the key principles of not only taking care of my self fully, but knowing how to take control of my life.


1. Be Honest and Identify The Problems Areas

Really reflect and look at your life. Don’t just ramble off on things you want to change but never change them, but be completely honest with yourself. You never change what you don’t reveal. Have that serious conversation with yourself (It’s okay to talk to yourself this go around) and write down areas that you want to see improved and changed in your life. If you need to write them in a notepad or on the notes app on your phone, just get them all out.

2. Gain Confidence and Establish Goals

Once you’ve identified those problem areas, break them down and see what areas in your life you can really improve in. Once you know the areas you can improve in, sit and write out goals on how to improve these areas. These goals can range from short to long term goals, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have an action plan, you’re moving in the right direction.

For example : If I know I don’t like my current employment situation, and really want to change my life in that area, then I know that one of my goals would be to obtain further education or look for other employment. A long term goal would be to see what current Masters Programs are available and enrollment, while my short term goal would be to find other employment while waiting.

3. Get Busy & Be Proactive

You don’t want to just sit around on the goals you’ve established and created, you want to make progress. So now it’s time to get busy! The key to decluttering your life is being organized and determined for end results. You have to be proactive If you want your life to change. My mother always says “If you don’t like a situation, change it.” She is very right! You hold the keys to your destiny, along with God’s vision for your life, but you have to be proactive in the journey. He gives you the tools to go out and achieve, but you can never achieve, if you are sitting on your couch.

“If you don’t like a situation, change it.”

4. Evaluate Your Progress

Once you see yourself finally decluttering some things out of your life in regards to situations and bad habits, evaluate the progress. See what changes that you have made are working, and what might not be working. Constantly evolve, because life is constantly evolving. Situations arise that cause us to change how we do things and with life, that comes often.

Remember that decluttering your life is an ongoing challenge. No one ever arrives. It’s healthy to evaluate life and take inventory of small changes you make, and how you grow.

Do you make goals? Are you a person that has to write down lists? Let me know how you declutter in your life and what strategies work for you.

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