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Everywhere around us, we see someone talking about “your purpose”, their purpose, and someone else’s purpose next to you.

Essentially, what are we talking about?

What are they talking about?


What does that even mean? (inserts face palm and eye roll emoji)

For the longest, I’ve struggled with knowing what my purpose was, and what it meant for my life.

I had a knack and talent , but I didn’t know how that would translate and fit into the life I was already living.

There was always the gift to connect with others and listen attentively, but not knowing how I would use that for the long haul of my life frustrated me so much.

Is there anyone else that feels like they are always on the cuff of knowing what you want, but are only holding on but not going forth and doing it? You’re probably not like me, you have your life figured out, so you don’t have this problem.

I didn’t know what my life’s purpose would be and what would get me out of bed and stay determined to live.

Do you know what you’re good at? If you had one job for the rest of your life, and could do it FOREVER, what would it be?


Your life’s purpose should be the one thing that you know you can’t let be set aside and have someone else do, you want to do it, and feel like you must do it!


In 2014, before I started this blog and knew all of you would read this I was in a rough place.

After coming off the heels of a breakup, I found myself stuck. Understanding what my purpose means for my life is becoming self aware, finding a motivation, and realizing what fears are in front of me.


When you go about life, you notice all of the wrongs in the world. I know I do. Every day, people are dying, wars are going on, and evil is in this world.

What a time to be alive huh?

Even with everything going on, you are aware. You see what is happening and you notice a problem. That’s the first action step in realizing a purpose for your life.

Your purpose is always linked to the problems you want to solve. I’m that person. If I see something that is wrong or strange, I’m asking questions.

I’m not necessarily complaining, but I’m just curious. I want to improve something, or someone’s situation if I’m able to.

If you ever have that same inclination it’s because you’re supposed to be the person that solves that problem or point someone in that direction to solve that problem.

God doesn’t bring things to our attention so we can acknowledge one time and go on with our lives.

He wants to put it on your heart so that we can be the catalyst for change.

*cues Man In The Mirror to play*


When you have a purpose for your life or you’re trying to find what fuels the passion you have, you have to determine a motivation behind it all.

It’s cool to do the right thing because morally it’s the right thing to do, but what makes you stick it out?

When you realize your why behind the things you do, you’re more willing to commit and keep doing it. My purpose for blogging is to inspire and encourage, to motivate ad help others in their lives.

If I didn’t have motivation behind writing, I would quit tomorrow. It’s because I have the willingness and motivation to keep going, that I know my mission isn’t complete. Let your purpose motivate you!


I would say that we are friends. By now you now the vulnerable side about me, so can I tell you a secret?

Come close…closer. I was scared out of my socks to start a blog and write out my thoughts for PUBLIC CONSUMPTION.

Yep, you heard me right. I was terrified. There were days of putting together a website, finding content to write about, posting the content, clicking save, clicking submit, publishing, and then invite all of you lovely people to read, that had me wanting to say NO to it ALL.

Your purpose will scare you. This is not always easy. You will question yourself.

It makes you ask yourself questions like : why you do it? what’s it all worth? whats to gain?

That’s why being self-aware and having a motivation behind it all is so important. You have to know the reasons why.

Many people will talk you out of doing it, just because they have never thought to do anything worthwhile in life. Don’t listen to those people. Listen to your heart, and follow God’s voice.

Your purpose is waiting for you my friend and someone is waiting for you to start living in your purpose. I’m excited for you to start this journey.


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